Cleanroom monitoring at Imec 

Isg Ltd, a global constructing, fit-out and engeneering company built an enormous 3 story cleanroom for Imec Leuven. Before delivery, ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard, classification ISO6  must be met. To gain insight into this, air quality monitors, which measured the particles of 0.3µm, 0.5µm, 1µm and 5µm, were placed in the cleanroom under construction. Guillaume Escoubas, employee of Isg Ltd explains us why InsightAir's Air Quality as a Service led to insights helping them achieve their intended goal.

Can you please explain your function at Isg?

"CSA Lead for ISG similar to a construction director position only looking for construction (Not MEP)."

What is Isg Ltd constructing at Imec?

"We are doing a cleanroom fit-out."

Why was/is it necessary to have the particles measured?

"In order to understand the particles trend and depending of the result it would allow us to progress in the right environment with some services/equipment’s."

How did InsightAir's air quality monitoring contribute to achieve the object?

"By having a live particles monitors installed in few areas we could identify the trend of the dust. And if we had a spike of dust in some location we could track back which activities was ongoing and then we could reassess the work to adapt the method and create less dust."

Are you satisfied with the functionalities of our service?

"Very satisfied we achieved what we wanted to do with those monitors, probably used them at earlier stage on the project as it would have helped us to speed up programme more."