Semi Cleanroom

Air quality sensor networks and Air cleaning

Semi Cleanroom

Semi Cleanroom

Cleanroom according to ISO 9 standard

InsightAir helps you build your cleanroom ISO 9 or ISO 8, called a semi cleanroom. A semi cleanroom is a place where we strive to achieve the same quality of air as a normal cleanroom (typically ISO 7, ISO 8 or ISO 9 according to ISO 14644 or GMP class D). We label these environments as a semi cleanroom or an quasi cleanroom.

Clean room ISO 9″ is a room where air quality is of a certain quality to protect the manufacturing process or other processes that take place in this cleanroom. A semi cleanroom is a suitable and feasable investment for smaller companies compared to the very large investments needed when ISO 6 or even ISO 5 cleanrooms are needed.

InsightAir is distinguished from the proposed connectivity, which allows the customer to immediately verify that the set goals are met. This is happening not only after building the semi-clean room, but also in the long run.

Whether you want to use ionizing air purification technology or traditional HEPA filters, InsightAir will look with you for your goals and how they can be achieved.


Semi Cleanroom design

For one of our customers in the Netherlands, InsightAir built a separate production unit in which different air quality classes were implemented through fan filter units equipped with a G4 prefilter and a H14 HEPA filter.

In order to permanently clean the air in this high-humidity semi clean room, ionization devices were installed to ensure constant air recirculation, particle removal and killing of micro-organisms.

“InsightAir managed to realize this project with a budget worth just one-third of that of the traditional suppliers, with quality objectives being realized.”

Fan filter unit met H14          Partikel sensor

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