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Semi Cleanroom

Air quality sensor networks and Air cleaning

Semi Cleanroom

Semi Cleanroom

Semi Cleanroom or ISO 9 Cleanroom

InsightAir helps your to realise your ISO 9 or ISO 8 cleanroom. Besides these real cleanrooms, InsightAir also installs semi cleanrooms. Semi cleanroom are places where one strives to the same air quality as in a normal cleanroom (typically ISO 7, ISO 8 or ISO 9 according to ISO 14644 or class D according to GMP). We label these environments as semi cleanroom or quasi cleanrooom.

An “ISO 9 cleanroom” for example, is an area in which the cleanliness of the air is of a certain quality to safeguard a production process or other processes which take place into this cleanroom. A semi cleanroom is for many smaller companies an investment which is feasable, compared to the very big investments needed when an ISO 6 or even ISO 5 cleanroom is needed.

InsightAir distinguishes itself by the offered connectivity, enabling the customer to immediately verify whether the requested objectives are met. This is not only shortly after the realization of the semi cleanroom, but also in the long term.

Whether you want to make use of ionizing air purification technology or traditional HEPA filters, InsightAir looks together with you on what your objectives are and how they can be met.


Example Project Cleanroom class ISO 8

For a Dutch customer, InsightAir realized a compartmentalized production unit, in which different air quality classes were realized by means of fan filter units, equipped with G4 pre-filter and H14 HEPA filter.

To permanently clean the air in this semi cleanroom with high relative humidity, ionization units were installed to recirculate the air permanently, removing particles and killing micro-organisms.

“InsightAir succeeded in realizing this project for a budget that was only 1/3 of the traditional providers, yet the air quality target with surplus was realized.”


Fan filter unit met H14          Partikel sensor

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