Particle Monitoring

Air quality sensor networks and Air cleaning

Particle Monitoring

Particle monitoring

Particle Monitoring (particle counting)

Together with UZ Leuven, a particle monitoring sensor network was set up to monitor particulate matter (particles of 0.5 μm and 2.5 μm) in one of the departments.

The constant attention from UZ Leuven to the indoor air quality in the hospital results in a large control apparatus. Here, fine dust measurements are performed at regular intervals. This is a labor-intensive process, after which the data from the monitors have to be read to a computer, which makes the processing of the data intensive.

It should be noted that particulate matter measurements are very sensitive to variations and small changes. As a result, by manually measuring the air quality, it is almost inevitable that this measurement can not be influenced by the presence of the person performing the measurement.


Remote Sensor Network and Internet Connectivity

InsightAir built a sensor network together with UZ Leuven, in which particulate matter measurements – particle monitoring – continue to be carried out continuously and data is streamed to the internet and immediately processed and visualized in beautiful graphs.

Via InsightAir’s cloud platform, the responsible employees of UZ Leuven can log in to the network and thus monitor the air quality at different locations simultaneously.


Particle Monitoring for Cleanrooms

This method is extremely suitable for permanent monitoring of clean rooms. Fast, simple and inexpensive, with an extremely sharp and continuous insight into the air quality of the cleanroom.