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Air quality sensor networks and Air cleaning

Connected through Air Quality

InsightAir delivers air quality sensor networks, online, connected in the cloud.

These air quality sensor networks are used in industrial, medical and commercial set-ups. Even for residential applications, InsightAir has the right solution to monitor your indoor air quality.

With customers as multinational companies and the most specialized hospitals in Europe, InsightAir has built an elaborated experience in deploying air quality sensor networks. Also air quality reporting and consultancy to ultimately improve your indoor air quality can be thrusted to InsightAir.


About air quality sensor networks

Air quality can vary greatly depending on space and time of the measurements. Even inside a building, variations in air quality can be huge, depending on place and time. Therefore measuring air quality with a sensor network gives a more respresentative overview of the air quality in a certain place during an certain time.

InsightAir’s air quality sensors may be less acurate in comparison with scientific measuring devices. Despite of this, the availability of data, originating from InsightAir’s sensor network (multiple location logging – 4D insights), outperforms the data generated by a handheld measuring device, which only generates data for a single point in place and in time. More valuable and accurate insights can be gained from multiple location logging via InsightAir’s sensor network.

Ideally, one can consider a sensor network as the primary source of data, assessing air quality. These data can be double checked with highly accurate measurement devices in particular cases.



Natural air quality sensor networks

lichenThe mascot of InsightAir is the lichen. This symbiotic organism is very sensitive to air pollution and symbolizes the synergy and connection InsightAir wants to achieve with its customers throughout the world. The symbiotic lichen figures as the natural air quality sensor network.

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