Drone for air quality analysis

Air quality sensor networks and Air cleaning

Drone for air quality analysis

drone air quality analysis

Air Sampling Drone

The InsightAir drone adds a new dimension to air quality analysis. The drone can be used to sample ambient air at great heights (5 meters – 125 meters above ground level) or directly sample from stack plumes. Height sampling and direct plume sampling opens a new avenue that can be used to increase accuracy of emission and impact assessment.


Sensor Network

In combination with the powerful sensor networks of InsightAir, the drone is a real advantage to air quality analysis. The combined action of a supporting cloudbased sensor network and a versatile drone to measure air quality, gives valuable insights in air quality.


Air Quality Networks

Because of the drone – network combination, insights in air quality are generated in time, length, width and height, allowing a very accurate 4D modelling of air quality.

Petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical or food plants, and many other processes have emissions that are difficult to sample using traditional methods. The InsightAir sampling drone opens a whole new dimension in air sampling by allowing the operator to take direct samples from odour plumes and other sources that are difficult and /or dangerous without exposure to physical or chemical dangers. Taking samples at various heights upwind and downwind of the plant allows for accurate measurement of all emissions generated by the plant without the need for source sampling.