InsightAir | Air quality sensor networks and more

Connected through Air Quality

InsightAir delivers air quality sensor networks, online connected.

These air quality sensor networks are used in industrial,
medical and commercial set-ups. Even for residential applications, InsightAir has the right solution to monitor your indoor air quality.

With customers as multinational companies and the most specialized hospitals in Europe, InsightAir has built an elaborated experience in deploying air quality sensor networks. Also air quality reporting and consultancy to ultimately improve your indoor air quality can be thrusted to InsightAir.


Natural air quality sensor networkNatural air quality sensor networks

The mascot of InsightAir is the lichen. This symbiotic organism is very sensitive to air pollution and symbolizes the synergy and connection InsightAir wants to achieve with its customers throughout the world. The symbiotic lichen figures as the natural air quality sensor network.





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